Floral Arrangement Ideas

The floral arrangements that you choose for your wedding or special occasion can complement the overall event theme or serve as statement pieces themselves. Whether your style is simple or elegant, dramatic or romantic, these floral arrangement ideas can help you and your florist create living masterpieces for your next event. Simple, rustic and country … Read moreFloral Arrangement Ideas

Tips for Ordering Bulk Flowers

Florists seeking to order bulk flowers are always interested in new sources for flowers. After all, new sources may offer access to new growers with better variety, selection and quality. Tips for buying bulk flowers online Have your commercial resale information ready to receive the best discount. In the United States, your retail resale certificate … Read moreTips for Ordering Bulk Flowers

Five Tips for Sending Flowers to a Loved One

These five tips for sending flowers to a loved one can be a lifesaver when you’re racking your brain for an idea on what to send to that special someone. Flowers aren’t just for special occasions. Sure, it’s a wonderful way to say “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Anniversary” or “Thank you” to someone. But everyone loves … Read moreFive Tips for Sending Flowers to a Loved One

Where to Find Florist Jobs

Florists create beautiful flower arrangements, help customers choose appropriate gifts and guide clients through choosing flowers for special occasions. If you’re interested in a career as a florist, you can find florist jobs online, at local establishments or through trade associations. Where to find florist jobs online Most employers list their open positions online with the … Read moreWhere to Find Florist Jobs

Carnations: An Ancient Flower With Modern Meaning

Though carnations are commonplace in floral arrangements, this ubiquitous flower has a long and storied history. In Greco-Roman times, carnations were frequently portrayed in art and painted or sculpted onto household items as decorations. They were also fashioned into garlands worn on festive occasions. Throughout the early and middle ages, carnations were grown for their … Read moreCarnations: An Ancient Flower With Modern Meaning

Achillea (Yarrow): Summer Flower with a Military History

Achillea, better known by its common name, yarrow, has a long and storied history in herbal medicine and folklore. The plant’s botanical name refers to the great warrior Achilles, who is said to have used yarrow to staunch his battle wounds and that of his men. Throughout history, names for the plant have included references … Read moreAchillea (Yarrow): Summer Flower with a Military History

Celebrate with Birthday Flowers

What’s more festive than sending birthday flowers to someone you love to wish them a happy birthday? Birthday flowers and gifts offer you a wonderful opportunity to surprise a loved one or friend with a thoughtful, meaningful and cherished gift. Ideas for birthday flowers While you may imagine a traditional bouquet or arrangement of flowers … Read moreCelebrate with Birthday Flowers

Delphiniums: The flower symbolizing an open heart and generosity

Delphinium flowers offer beautiful dark purple or blue flowers for mixed arrangements. The name delphinium derives from the word delphis, which means “dolphin.”  The flowers do indeed resemble small dolphins frolicking along the stems. Delphinium are the symbolic flower assigned to those born in the month of July, and are said to symbolize an open … Read moreDelphiniums: The flower symbolizing an open heart and generosity