Did Flowers Bloom More Than 50 Million Years Earlier Than We Thought?

Lone violet growing in dirt - Did flowers bloom more than 50 million years earlier than we thought?

Scientists have described a fossil plant species that suggests flowers bloomed in the Early Jurassic, more than 174 million years ago, according to new research in the open-access journal eLife. Before now, angiosperms (flowering plants) were thought to have a history of no more than 130 million years. The discovery of the novel flower species, … Read moreDid Flowers Bloom More Than 50 Million Years Earlier Than We Thought?

6 Recipes You Can Create with Edible Flowers [infographic]

Dandelions and daisies in a meadow - 6 edible flower recipes

From Visually. Screen reader version:  Daisy Found everywhere on the planet, in some form, apart from in Antarctica. Daisy leaves are closely related to artichokes and are packed with Vitamin C—they taste great in a salad! Flavour A distinct peppery taste How to use them Daisy lollipops Daisies 2 cups (400 grams) of sugar 2/3 … Read more6 Recipes You Can Create with Edible Flowers [infographic]

Floral Arrangement Ideas

The floral arrangements that you choose for your wedding or special occasion can complement the overall event theme or serve as statement pieces themselves. Whether your style is simple or elegant, dramatic or romantic, these floral arrangement ideas can help you and your florist create living masterpieces for your next event. Simple, rustic and country … Read moreFloral Arrangement Ideas

Tips for Ordering Bulk Flowers

Florists seeking to order bulk flowers are always interested in new sources for flowers. After all, new sources may offer access to new growers with better variety, selection and quality. Tips for buying bulk flowers online Have your commercial resale information ready to receive the best discount. In the United States, your retail resale certificate … Read moreTips for Ordering Bulk Flowers