What Does a Florist Do?

Florists, through their determined effort designing floral arrangements, make people happier while making the world a more beautiful place. They have a number of responsibilities that go beyond arranging flowers, and even beyond flowers themselves.

What do they do?

Florists create and design floral arrangements as bouquets, centrepieces, corsages, wreaths or other arrangements. They cut and arrange flowers (either live or dried) and other greenery and accessories either according to set layouts or as their own original designs.

Some of the events they produce arrangements for include weddings, parties, holidays and funerals. They will either sell the flowers and arrange for pickup or handle the delivery (either to the person who ordered them or by coming in and taking care of the whole flower decorating process).

Florists sell flowers to individual customers through their own shops or wholesale large quantities to businesses, such as retail floral shops. As sellers they have to be experts on the topic of flowers, pointing their customers to the right options for specific occasions and helping them to choose from among the many different varieties of flowers.

And of course with all those flowers, they have to regularly maintain them as well as pass on that knowledge to customers so that they know how to increase the longevity of their purchases.

And for many florists, the job does not stop with flowers. They also sell complementary items such as gift baskets, cards and treats.

Where do they work?

Many florists are self-employed, working in small florist shops. When hired out to make arrangements for an event they could find themselves in a variety of places, from churches to convention centres to dance halls. So compared to most jobs, there’s much variety and a lot of opportunity to move around.

When do they work?

Holidays, funerals and other occasions happen year round, which means florists are in business year-round. In the cooler climates of Europe and North America more events happen in the warm months, such as weddings, so there’s more work at that time.

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