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The Florist Guide | Floristry courses directory, jobs, blog and more!

About Us

Whether you’re an aspiring florist or have been in the business for years, The Florist Guide can help you! We’re focused on providing a complete education and employment specific resource for florists through our user-friendly guides, directory of floristry schools, blog and more. We invite you to:

  • Get a quick understanding of the basics of floristry in the Florist Guide»
  • Make the right education decision by researching your educational options in the Education Guide»
  • Pick up some valuable tips on how to get a job and work as a florist in the Employment Guide»
  • Learn more about flowers and gain knowledge about the floristry business in our blog»

Here’s a snapshot of some of the material in our guides. Follow the links for the full articles.

What does a florist do?

Florists sell flowers and design floral arrangements for events such as weddings, parties and dances. Florists either create the arrangements themselves or follow set patterns. Florists are also responsible for maintaining flowers so a strong knowledge of plant care is needed in addition to having an eye for floral arrangement. Read What does a florist do? for more>>

How to become a florist?

Since floristry is a difficult job that doesn’t pay much, having a passion for flowers, an aptitude for design and strong interpersonal skills will improve your chances of excelling at and appreciating the job. To achieve the required experience for the job, florists either attend college or horticultural school or get on-the-job training. Read How to become a florist for more>>

How to choose the right floristry courses

There are more than 100 schools offering floristry courses in the UK alone, which can make choosing a program quite a challenge. As with any education decision, it pays to take your time to find the right program for you (i.e. the most suitable course curriculum, proximity to your home and cost that fits within your budget). When researching schools paying a visit or calling to ask questions of the school administrators and teachers will give you a good sense of whether the school is right for you. Read How to choose a florist school for more>>

How to find a florist job

Approximately one out of four florists in the UK are self-employed. Though self-employment is the path for many in the floristry industry, it is not the only route. With more than 8,000 florist shops in the UK and the growth of online florist businesses there are a variety of employment possibilities. Starting out with an entry-level job in a florist shop is also a great way to gain practical experience that could be substituted for formal education. Read How to find a florist job for more>>

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