Fall Trends in Floristry

Fall Trends in Floristry

Leaves are falling, nights are getting cooler, colours are changing and new trends are making their way into shops of every kind. With flowers dwindling away outside, what exciting trends in floristry can we look forward to this fall?

Wearable Flowers

The trend in flowers as fashion accessory continues into the fall. Inspired by Beyoncé’s incredible floral headpiece, as featured on the September 2018 cover of Vogue, people are donning elegant floral pieces that make a statement at important events. We’ve moved well out of the range of traditional corsages and boutonnieres – people are crafting floral necklaces, rings, belts, arm-pieces, shawls and wraps, earrings, shoe accessories and of course, beautiful crowns.

Imperfect Perfection

Designs and materials that don’t look finished are on point right now. People are interested in seeing the work that’s gone into a product and feeling the materiality of their arrangements. Expect composite looks and collage techniques, mismatched elements and touches of whimsy. Eclectic arrangements with rough textures and unexpected features are big.

Lasting Beauty

The popularity of dried flowers this year hasn’t abated at all. People are loving the look of this new generation of arrangements and the feeling of investing their hard earned money into flowers that will look vibrant for months to come. Creative designs have inspired not just bouquets and wreaths but pressed botanical artworks as well.


Those who love a more streamlined, futuristic look are being drawn to simple, even minimalist designs set in urban materials like glass and metal. People drawn to this trend are surrounding themselves with greenery that has a tech-savvy vibe to it, much like the rest of their homes. You’ll see ultra-modern pieces with metallic, reflective or transparent finishes that look right at home in the future.


In keeping with the attraction of minimalist floral arrangements, the interest in ikebana (the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging) is still going strong. This meditative, spiritual practice keeps practitioners in close contact with nature. It urges people to create beautiful, balanced lines, shapes and spaces that honour the beauty of the living material they work with.

Cozy Comfort

This year, self-care and comfort are huge and surrounding yourself with the beauty of flowers can be a big part of a good self-care regimen. This trend emphasizes soft materials, rounded edges and wavy designs. Soothing pastel colours, especially coral, are at the heart of this look. Think products that give the feel of being clean but comfortably worn, romantic without being showy and traditional without being stodgy.


This isn’t so much a trend anymore, but with international attention focused on climate change, people care more than ever about their florists using sustainable harvesting practices and eco-friendly materials and products. Local, seasonal grasses, leaves and foliage give an even “greener” look to flower displays. Creative florists are redefining what recyclable and biodegradable containers can do.

Exciting and innovative, relevant and engaging, these are trends in floristry that push the boundaries of how people live with flowers. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up for 2020!

image: Ylanite Koppens

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