How to Send Flowers

Nothing brightens someone’s day like receiving a delivery from a local florist. Whether sending a get-well or birthday bouquet or showing that you care by sending flowers to a funeral, sending flowers is a convenient way to let others know that you’re thinking of them.

If you’ve never sent flowers before, this simple step-by-step guide will help you easily navigate the process of sending flowers.

Step 1: Consider the Occasion

Do you need flowers for a birthday? To celebrate the arrival of a child or a new job? Or to express your condolences? Flowers have a language all their own, with certain types of arrangements traditionally given for specific occasions, such as funeral sprays or wreaths. Think about the occasion and what would be appropriate. If you’re not sure, you can ask your florist for recommendations.

Step 2: Know the Recipient

If you’re sending flowers or an arrangement for a holiday, consider where the recipient will place the arrangement. A low arrangement may be best for a dining table so that guests can see one another; a taller spray may be a focal point for a special occasion. Consider the recipient’s favourite colors and flowers, if you know them. Also consider any potential allergies; people with ragweed allergies should avoid mums, for example, and some people cannot tolerate the strong scent of lilies. Make notes so that you have your list handy when you speak to the florist.

Step 3: Determine a Budget

Have a budget in mind before you begin the ordering process. This makes it easier to narrow down your choices. Keep in mind that shipping, handling and sales tax will be added to the order. Same-day delivery may increase the cost of the shipping, too.

Step 4: Find a Florist

You can order flowers online, by telephone or in person. Ordering in personal at your local florist offers several advantages. You can look at samples in the store, or view sample photos in books at the florist shop. You can also customize any arrangements by choosing flowers available at the florist.

National florist groups such as FTD and Teleflora offer online and telephone ordering with delivery to any city within their ordering system. Most receive the order by phone or online and it’s fulfilled and delivered by a florist shop in the recipient’s area, thus ensuring that the flowers are fresh upon arrival. This makes it easy for someone in Boston to order flowers for someone in Miami.

Step 5: Provide Information and Place the Order

Make sure you have the recipient’s full name, address, and a telephone number before placing your order. The florist will need this information to deliver.  Have your payment information such as your credit card, debit card or PayPal  information handy so that you can pay for your purchase.