Fall Trends in Floristry

flowers in tin can - fall trends in floristry

Leaves are falling, nights are getting cooler, colours are changing and new trends are making their way into shops of every kind. With flowers dwindling away outside, what exciting trends in floristry can we look forward to this fall? Wearable Flowers The trend in flowers as fashion accessory continues into the fall. Inspired by BeyoncĂ©’s … Read moreFall Trends in Floristry

POOKKALAM: Stunning floral design in south India

With flowers hanging from doorways, streaming from trains and adorning the trunks of elephants, the state of Kerala in south India bursts with colour during its Onam festival in September. This harvest festival commemorates the Hindu god Vishnu and the mythical king Mahabali. The event falls in the month of chingam in the Malayalee calendar … Read morePOOKKALAM: Stunning floral design in south India