6 Recipes You Can Create with Edible Flowers [infographic]

Dandelions and daisies in a meadow - 6 edible flower recipes

From Visually. Screen reader version:  Daisy Found everywhere on the planet, in some form, apart from in Antarctica. Daisy leaves are closely related to artichokes and are packed with Vitamin C—they taste great in a salad! Flavour A distinct peppery taste How to use them Daisy lollipops Daisies 2 cups (400 grams) of sugar 2/3 … Read more6 Recipes You Can Create with Edible Flowers [infographic]

Celebrate with Birthday Flowers

What’s more festive than sending birthday flowers to someone you love to wish them a happy birthday? Birthday flowers and gifts offer you a wonderful opportunity to surprise a loved one or friend with a thoughtful, meaningful and cherished gift. Ideas for birthday flowers While you may imagine a traditional bouquet or arrangement of flowers … Read moreCelebrate with Birthday Flowers