Where to Find Florist Jobs

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Florists create beautiful flower arrangements, help customers choose appropriate gifts and guide clients through choosing flowers for special occasions. If you’re interested in a career as a florist, you can find florist jobs online, at local establishments or through trade associations.

Where to find florist jobs online

Most employers list their open positions online with the major job search websites. Some of these employment websites enable job seekers to create online profiles and select job type, title and geographic location in their profile. The site sends you an automatic email notification whenever a new job is posted that meets your criteria. It’s an efficient way of finding potential florist jobs in your desired area.

CareerBuilder – CareerBuilder is a well-respected online employment website that lists full- and part-time employment opportunities for florists and many other trades. Common florist jobs listed on the site include part-time florist positions, positions in grocery stores for florists and wholesale floral industry sales people.

SimplyHired – SimplyHired is another well-known career website that offers many opportunities for florists to find work. You can find full and part time florist jobs, entry level or experienced florist positions and a variety of potential employers.

Monster.com – Who hasn’t heard of Monster? Nearly everyone has searched Monster at one time or another to find work. Florists can find independent work for a single event, such as a large wedding or conference, or full-, part-time and wholesale floral design work.

Find local florist jobs

Online job search websites are great because they offer many opportunities, but these opportunities may be far away from where you currently live and moving may be out of the question. If you must find a local florist job, start by making a list of the local florists in your phone book or online directory. Next, call each and see if they have any openings. If so, make an appointment to meet with the manager for an interview. Don’t forget to contact conference centers, event planners and grocery stores, each of whom may need a floral consultant or florist for full- or part-time work. Newspaper classified ads are also a viable way to find potential work at your local florists.

Trade associations for florists

Your local, regional, or national florist associations also offer a vast network of potential employers who may look favorably upon an applicant who is also a fellow association member. Visit the Society of American Florists‘ website for membership information, continuing education and more. The SAF is an active group of approximately 12,000 of America’s top florists, growers, wholesalers and others working in the floral trade. For more associations worldwide, see our page on Florist Associations>>

Searching for a job isn’t always easy, but with perseverance, talent, luck and yes, good preparation, you can find your dream job in the floral industry.

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by Jeanne Grunert